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Share with your classmates and families some healthy recipes to promote overall health and well being. Many of my family members and my closest friends will post here sharing their incredibly tasty and healthy recipes! (with an extremely delightful dessert on occasion) :-)

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  1. Emi.Smith Says:

    whats this about a free dinner i hear? : )

  2. bioman Says:

    haha….free diner…no…but some “free” recipes for amazing and healthy foods! :-)


  3. emi.smith Says:

    sounds cool

  4. Lizbeth A Says:

    I’m anxious to make one

  5. Erica Espino Says:

    well seeing as I am an aspiring chef to be (pastry chef actually but that
    doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about actual cooking) I know that to
    cut alot of salt in your diet, you should stop using canned sauces and
    canned anything basically. In order to preserve the item in a can, salt is
    the main ingredient. If you make your own sauces you can noticably cut
    down you sodium. =]

  6. Mr. Tate Says:

    Thank you for the healthy tip Erica ;-) . Eating “fresh” fruits and vegetables is best anyway. It is tough to get the ‘best’ taste out of a can :-(

    Healthy Tip: :-)

    > Grow your own organic tomoatoes and lettuce for a healthy salad at dinner!

  7. Laura Says:

    OK- so I know Mr. Tate promised that I would come on here and post some recipes and I’m finally getting around to it. I rarely follow recipes and just kind of make it up as I go along so I will start paying attention to the details so I can pass them along. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day I figure that is a great place to begin. One of my favorite breakfasts when it’s warm out is a smoothie. Be careful with the amount of fruit that you put in because that can greatly increase the amount of sugar. Here’s how I make mine:

    1 cup (8 oz.) unsweetened Silk Soymilk
    1 scoop Vanilla “Show me the Whey” protein powder (Henry’s Market)
    1 Tb. nutritional yeast flakes *
    1/2 cup frozen fruit (berries, 1/2 banana, mango- whatever you like)
    1 Tb. flaxseeds

    Blend and enjoy! Have fun experimenting with different flavors.

    *nutritional yeast can be found at Henry’s in the bulk section. It is very high in B vitamins and protein.

  8. ***AMBAR M.*** Says:

    LOVE, ***AMBAR***

  9. Omar Rodriguez Says:

    What other foods have high protein other than meat?

  10. Paige V.!!!!!!! Says:

    I know how to make cereal!! I’m really good at it too! LoL

  11. Raw Matt Says:

    For Omar,
    The protein question.
    Human milk contains 0.8% to 0.9% protein
    A human baby will generally triple It’s birth weight in 12 months on this diet.
    Just something to think about.
    I would say the healthiest source of protein is in the amino acids. Combine different greens to create complete proteins.
    You can also get protein from beans, soy products, rice and peas.
    We have been trained that the only real source of protein is in the meat and that we have to eat meat to make meat (muscles). No one asks the question: where do the animals that our meat comes from get their protein. Most of the largest mammals on the planet are vegetarians.

  12. Mr. Tate Says:

    Good answer “Raw Matt” :-)

    As you all remember from class, the “building blocks” of proteins are Amino Acids. There are 20 amino acids (11 the body makes all on it’s own and 9 “essential amino acids” you get from your diet) and they are located on most food labels. Taking amino acid supplements can be rather boring but, it is probably the best way to “supplement” complete proteins for your body. Go to these pages to learn more:

    Look for foods that are “high in aminos” to have more protein in your diet ~ Like “Raw Matt” stated :-)

  13. Omar Rodriguez Says:

    WOW!…Thanks Raw Matt for the info, Now i can eat other foods rather than meat.

  14. Omar Rodriguez Says:

    Is it true that there’s junk food that’s more healthier than healthy food?

  15. Laura Says:

    Hi there- I came up with the following recipe while trying to figure out what to do with some potatoes. The result is a very fresh and simple combination of flavors. It’s perfect for summertime- either as a side dish or main dish with a nice green salad.

    Potatoes with Zucchini and Tomatoes

    5-6 medium red potatoes, cut into 1/4″ slices
    4-5 medium zucchini, cut into 1/4″ slices
    2 medium tomatoes, sliced 1/8″ thick
    olive oil
    garlic powder
    salt and pepper
    grated parmesan cheese (use real parmesan- not the powdery Kraft kind)

    Preheat oven to 375 F
    Spray 9 x 13 ” baking dish w/ nonstick cooking spray. Spread a layer of potatoes, overlapping slightly. Drizzle a very small amount of olive oil over potatoes and LIGHTLY season w/ garlic powder, salt and pepper. Layer 1/2 of zucchini over potatoes and follow with all of the tomato slices. Layer potatoes, seasoning the same as the 1st layer, then the rest of the zucchini and one more layer of potatoes. Sprinkle 2 -3 T. of parmesan cheese. Cover w/ aluminum foil and bake until potatoes are cooked through. (about 60 min.) If you like, you can brown the top by removing the foil the last 10 min. of cooking time.

    ~Chef Tate

  16. Raw Matt Says:

    Reply to Omar:
    The term “Junk Food” is open to interpretation. I can’t think of anything that someone might classify as junk food that might be remotely healthy. My daughter eats pecans and raw organic honey, or some fruit for dessert. We also make raw ice cream from coconut, almonds, honey, and vanilla extract. The good thing about the desserts that we make is you can eat them anytime.
    I often have raw chocolate ice cream or chocolate cream pie for breakfast and the best part, is that all of it has nutritional value.

  17. Scott McCalister Says:


    Technically, the latest that one should eat is sundown, but for practical living, 8pm should be the latest.

    The stomach should be empty for at least two hours before going to bed. This way, the body uses its resources for rejuvination, instead of for digestion (you’ll sleep better).

    When it comes to drinking water, it depends on the person and the level of physical activity. 8 glasses of water is not for everyone.

    Most people are drinking too much water, and the usual reason is to cool inflammation in the intestinal tract.

    One of the kidney’s functions is to control the saline (salt) to water ratio in the blood. Drinking water without a tiny bit of sea salt will cause the kidneys to excrete the water out of the body about 20 minutes later.

    Fresh fruit and MSM will help hydrate a person more without having to drink excess water (time to rest those kidneys).

    Hope this helps!


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